Walking a dog

  • Knock on the door and move away.
  • Stay at least 2meters away from the person.
  • Consider whether it is possible for the person to tie the dog up to a fixture outside their home.
  • Use your own lead if you have one.
  • Ask the person to wear gloves for the handover if they have them.
  • Ask them to provide dog poo bags if they have them.
  • The volunteer should wear gloves at all times.
  • Untie the dog from the fixture and take for a walk.
  • Observe social distancing practices.
  • Reverse the procedure ensuring that the dog owner is aware that you’ve tied the dog back up on the fixture.
  • Do not leave the dog if you cannot raise the requesters attention.
  • Remove the gloves carefully and dispose of or wash thoroughly.
  • Do not touch your face with the gloves.
  • Wash hands after the activity.


Members of the CFSG (Canine and Feline Sector Group) have come together to provide clear guidance to owners on how to look after their pets during the current COVID-19 crisis. Pets are valuable family members who can provide comfort and companionship to people during this period of time when many will be self-isolating or unwell. We want to ensure advice around their care is clear and people know where to go for further up to date information on controlling the spread of COVID-19 whllst meeting their pet's welfare needs.

The CFSG have produced a handover protocol between people walking friends’ and neighbours’ dogs. Throughout this document the terms ‘key worker, ‘shielded person’, ‘vulnerable person’ are those set out in government guidance.
Further info at : http://www.cfsg.org.uk/coronavirus/
Pet Service Protocol Matrix
7th April 2020 (This guidance is subject to change depending on Government advice)  CFSG, Canine and Feline Sector Group
Collection of pet by operator by appointment
CFSG handover protocols must be observed.
Only dogs from the same household at one time
Only collect dogs from the same household at a time
When walking, don’t transport in a vehicle for walks
Wash pet’s items, like bowls, toys etc. upon arrival
Wipe down the pet on arrival and departure
Use a different lead to the owner’s.
Where possible, minimise touching the dog.
Don’t allow other people or pets to come into contact with the dog.
Wash the lead with soap and water once the dog has been returned.
Time  period between dogs from different households
Dog Walking
Home care
72 hours