Some General Guidance on Shopping for Your Street

I need to shop for one of the residents who is vulnerable – can I get access to the stores during the limited times for vulnerable customers

Yes, you can, but please think about whether or not you actually need to do so during those times, bearing in mind what they are for.

The Lymm supermarkets will let you in during the reserved shopping hour. Show them your High Legh Street Champion ID as proof you are a street champion if asked. 

Will the restrictions on numbers of items apply to me if I am shopping for someone else?

Yes - but if it is unavoidable or you are shopping for more than one person at a time, please speak to one of the staff members to explain the situation, show them your ID, and see what they can do to help.

I cannot find an item someone wants – where can I get it? 

  • Do they need that specific item? Can you substitute it? Discuss this possibility in advance of going shopping as it may be very important if they have food allergies.
  • Make sure you have a mobile number for them and call them when you are in the store.
  • Check the High Legh Community Site or Lymm Leave No One Behind Facebook group (you can search for e.g. “eggs”) - they post a lot about what is available locally
  • Think about the alternatives to supermarkets – e.g. Sextons for bread, Farms shops like Abbey Leys for eggs and veg, pet food Budgons(Broome Edge).
  • If you are really stuck you can do a shout out on the High Legh Street Champions WhatsApp group or on Facebook