Thank you to all those who have volunteered for this really important support role.

Below are some important guidelines to follow to make sure that you keep yourself and those you are helping as safe as possible.


  • Make sure you are feeling fighting fit before going out to buy or to deliver anything
  • Keep your distance in shops and when delivering items to High Legh residents – at least 2 metres at all times
  • Follow Government guidance on hygiene, and remember that you can pick up and pass on the virus from any surface you touch
  • Wash or sanitise your hands frequently, and before going out to deliver items and between deliveries
  • Knock on the door when you deliver something, and then step well back – at least 2 metres away
  • Chat to people on the phone or remotely and make sure they have told you about everything that they need
  • Keep information about individuals to yourself unless it is absolutely necessary to share the information
  • Speak to your co-ordinator if you have any concerns or if you find yourself unable to carry out the tasks you have volunteered for
  • Pass on any questions from yourself, other volunteers or residents
  • Make use of the WhatsApp group for help and support, or to bounce ideas off others
  • Keep up to date with Government advice from or (see links below)


  • Go out if you are feeling at all unwell, even to put things through people’s letterboxes
  • Go out if you notice a sudden loss of smell and taste - you may be carrying the virus even if you don’t have any other symptoms
  • Feel embarrassed if you have to stop volunteering
  • Go into anyone else’s house, unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Take any unnecessary risks with your health, or with anyone else’s

Keep safe and Thank you!


Further guidance