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From James Percival

I visit the High Legh Community website quite frequently for news, and I was particularly interested in the 50th anniversary of High Legh CP school moving to its current site. I am only sorry that I found out too late to attend the anniversary celebrations. For one thing the date cleared up something in my own life history that I was uncertain about. Having taught in primary schools for 10 years I often wondered if Cheshire Local Education Authority operated the common ‘rising 5’ policy of children starting full-time education in the term after their 5th birthday. I was born in December 1962 and under this policy I would have started school in January 1968. I now realise that this was not the case and I therefore must have started in Mrs Turner’s class in September 1968, thus just missing the opening of the new school. That I can remember, for I witnessed the school being built, and I can recall my mother telling me that I would start soon after the school opened.