The new kitchen is now open to all users and compared to the previous design…..well there is no comparison! You can see from the pictures above that it is lighter and brighter, has more storage space and work surfaces, better equipment and lighting.

The kitchen is open but adjustments will continue, so it will remain a ‘work in progress’ for some time to come. As users (especially Sunday Teas users) get to grips with the new layout and facilities we expect them to ask for changes and fixes which we will endeavour to implement. It is totally usable but there is always room for improvement.

I am indebted to the Kitchen Team for all their ideas and hard work (under the project management of Colin Carter) that made the new kitchen possible. We also thank our builder Bryan Field, who along with Phil the Plumber, made an excellent job of fitting the new kitchen and to Ben Entwistle for doing such a brilliant job on the electrics. We are also grateful to Veolia Environmental Trust for a grant of £7200 and to our own Parish Council for their contribution of £5000, which made the whole project viable.