Many suppliers of Mobile Phone services have announced that they will not charge for people phoning the NHS 111 website during this present emergency.

Additionally, O2 has just announced a range of other information sites for which they will make no charge during the Covid emergency.

O2 has announced that they have zero rated more than 20 additional support and advice websites so their customers can access the support they need without using any of their data.

Customers who are on O2 won’t use any of their allocated monthly data allowance when browsing a whole host of support, financial guidance, advice and charity sites on their mobile.

As well as the NHS, which O2 announced it was zero-rating last week, O2 customers can also browse 22 additional support, financial guidance, and advice networks, including Citizens Advice and Mind.

The full list of O2 zero-rated sites include:

Citizens Advice:

Financial Advice:

Mental Health / Emotional Support:


You might like to check what your particular supplier is offering if you think you are going to make some lengthy calls.  We cannot supply and keep updated comprehensive information about multiple suppliers but this is provided on 2nd April 2020 in case it may be helpful to some High Legh Residents