Based on goverment advice given on 23rd March 2020

The government have asked everyone to stay indoors and not mix with people. How then can I offer to do shopping and other essential tasks for people??

The government is asking people to stay at home apart from very limited circumstances, and helping a vulnerable person is one of those circumstances. 

We will be asking you to do a one off exercise of dropping leaflets through your streets door. Please do this in your once daily permitted walk and adhere strictly to the government guidelines of hand washing and social distancing. 

Do not knock at doors and expect people to reply - wait for them to call you on your phone when they have read the leaflets. 

You should now only be asked and only agree to help with essential tasks that mean you leave your house, and try to tie peoples needs together to keep your movements to a minimum

 - Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine

 - collection of needed perceptions 

You will be operating as part of a coordinated effort to identify and help venerable people. You will be provided with an ID card and a number for people to contact if you are challenged. 

But even so you must 

Stay at home and 

 - only go outside for food, or health reasons or helping a vulnerable person with their essential food and health needs 

 - Stay 2 meters (6ft) away from other people

 - wash your hands before you leave and as soon as you get home

Full advice can be read here