It has now been over four months since over 70 amazing volunteers came together to provide support to those in our Parish who may need assistance during the Covid crisis, and it is perhaps time to pay tribute to those volunteer ‘street champions’ who have helped our community in this difficult time.

A survey of our Street Champions found that they feel that High Legh is the best place to live at the moment. The whole community has been brought much closer together as a result of Covid 19 with these amazing volunteers helping to provide much needed support to those who are vulnerable, on their own, or isolating. 

Numerous requests for help have been received from picking up shopping and prescriptions, posting mail, dog walking and even just having a friendly voice to chat to. Street Champions are happy to do all they can to help others and we really appreciate them doing so.

It is also worth saying we are not out of the woods yet, as I fear that as restrictions are eased we may yet see a second wave of infections, and would encourage all to maintain precautions and heed the government advice.

A special mention to Parish Councillor Gail Coenen for taking the lead in setting up the High Legh Volunteers and Councillor John Tuck for the making of seventy badges for all the volunteers as well as a thank you to the rest of the ‘admin’ team working behind the scenes to support our champs!

To have had such a great response from members of the community is wonderfully encouraging and to the seventy Street Champions and admin team a massive thank you from High Legh Parish Council on behalf of all the parish.

The WhatsApp group, Facebook, web page and admin group have also been used for other help such as plumbers phone numbers,  finding a handy man, household appliance  faults, lost animals, organising virtual events, Easter egg hunt, virtual VE day celebrations, flute concert etc. All these uses have brought people together and I hope that in the future we can, as a community, develop this support and information network and encourage residents to join and share knowledge and help. It only takes a few mins to reply to a text and can be really helpful to people.

I would hope that when this crisis is over it bodes very well for the future, to work together to face further challenges and crisis, such as climate change, HS2, and more. 

When eventually we return to some sort of normality, I look forward to the volunteer group coming together and perhaps finding ways of working for a better future.

Thank you all, stay safe and keep well.

Nigel Hennerley


For those of us who are over 70, have underlying health conditions or needing to self isolate, it is a particularly trying time. But with all the technology now available, no one needs to be completely isolated.

Every street has a Champion allocated, who is there to help you if you need it. Find your Street Champion here or call the central team on 07808 207342 or 07510 749847 if you need any support to get you through this lockdown.

Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives


Local Support

If you are self isolating or affected by Coronavirus and need help from the local street champion volunteers with support such as the tasks below, then please contact your street champion who would be only too happy to help.


Covid StreetChampions

If you need medical advice, use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service at, or if you have no internet access, call 111 from your landline or mobile phone. In a medical emergency please dial 999.

Local information is available at and Facebook “my High Legh” -  ‘Like’ the Facebook page to get update notifications.


To see what local food options are available for the village, for those who require delivieries or fancy a local takeaway, click here.

A doccument compiled by Lymm Parish Council with local suppliers and eateries currently opperating can be found here.


Other infomation to support the High Legh Street Champions Project