St John’s Church

As a parish church St John’s is for everyone in the parish – for regular services or occasional special services. If you can’t make it to church but would like a visit at home, please contact us on the church phone or find out more on the church website

I would like to wish all those who read this magazine a happy and peaceful New Year from everyone at St John’s Church. If you are a member of the church, please consider yourself twice blessed! New Year is always a time to reflect on the past year and look ahead to what is to come. Hull has been City of Culture, and Patricia and I enjoyed a visit there in the summer. I am sure that all of us also have personal events to remember from 2017, some happy and some sad.


While I rejoice at the baptisms, and marriages with couples beginning a new life in our community, each year more commemorations get added to my calendar, some of them people who became friends during my time in ministry. In ‘A Christmas Carol’ Ebenezer Scrooge is slowly transformed through his meetings with the three ghosts from being a miserly curmudgeon, to a man who announces that in future he will honour Christmas in his heart and try and keep it all the year. During Epiphany, the season following that of Christmas, we read of the visit of the wise men to the child Jesus, with their precious gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. In his poem, ‘The Journey of the Magi’, T S Eliot imagined how that encounter transformed them, how their old certainties were shaken, even how they felt like strangers in their own lands.


I wonder if your Christmas was the same as usual, or through coming to carol services and concerts you encountered the infant Jesus in a fresh way and came away with food for thought? If so there is plenty to nourish you at St John’s, as well as the excellent food that is regularly on offer. Please remember that as we go into the New Year our doors are open to welcome you, our ears open to listen to you and our prayers always accompany you.

Every blessing Philip

Forthcoming Events

Mother Union                            1st Tuesday in the month 2.30pm

Create Chat and Coffee             2nd Tuesday 2.30pm

Parish Lunch                             3rd Wednesday at 12.30pm (2nd in December)

Film and fellowship                   3rd Friday at 6pm (includes a meal)

Messy Church                           4th Wednesday at 3.45pm