High Legh Bowling Club

The Bowling Green is closed for about six months from the beginning of October to the end of March. Most of our teams will resume competitive bowling in the first week of April. We are, therefore, at about the mid-point of our “close season” for outdoor bowling on the green. This closure gives our greenkeepers the opportunity to carry out essential end of season treatment and maintenance. One important treatment has been added to the schedule this year – that is the reseeding of much of the green. The new seed is doing very well but the snow in early December was a slight set back. We must just hope that we enjoy some warmer weather in early spring to support the growth of the new grass. A further exciting improvement off the green, is the plan to build another shelter for the use of spectators. Let’s hope that this is useful in providing shade from the blazing sun rather than shelter from the rain.


Indoor pastimes.

There are of course plenty of opportunities for members to keep in trim by turning their attention to Indoor Bowling. Wednesday afternoon and evening sessions at the Village Hall continue to be well supported for what are essentially social bowling sessions. This does not mean that there isn’t a competitive edge to the sessions when members play “Round Robins” against each other. We once again have a team playing in the Cheshire Villages Tournament with home games normally being played on Sundays. As its title suggests, the competition involves clubs from all areas of Cheshire although for the preliminary stages clubs are grouped based on geographical criteria. This prevents too much travelling during periods of bad weather. Many of the players in the teams involved devote their time exclusively to Indoor Bowling and unfortunately, the three games played so far, have all ended in losses. The team, however, are looking forward to the return fixtures which are all at High Legh giving us the home advantage.


We continue to compete in the long mat league in Warrington where we have had a mixed season so far. At one stage we were in the top six in the league of twenty teams, but a run of poor results has seen us fall to a mid position in the table.


Heroes and Celebrations.

The “close season” also brings a number of non-bowling activities. One of the highlights of our close season is always the Dinner and Presentation Evening which, this year, was held at the Mere Club. Over 50  members and guests enjoyed an excellent meal with excellent service from the catering staff. This annual event gives members of the bowling club the opportunity to celebrate the success of the winners and runners- up in our club competitions. Once again we were grateful to our President, Jack Stant, for presenting the cups and trophies. In addition to this “formal” part of the evening, the more competitive members (most of us) were well catered for by several quiz rounds. Prizes for these interludes came in boxes, the contents of which will be obvious to all.


Serious business.

Our 2018 AGM will take place in the Village Hall on Sunday 18th February at 3.00pm. As always, we are actively trying to encourage fresh talent to come forward for election to the Management Committee.  Nominations are needed for the annual election of ten members to the Committee. A Bowling Club is no different from any other organisation in looking for a balanced committee with a blend of experienced members and newer members with fresh ideas to help move things forward.


If you are interested in any aspects of the Bowling Club's activities, then please contact Jean Mason on 01925 753643 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  May I take this opportunity to wish all readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year?

Time flies when you’re having fun, or so they say. It does not feel like 3 months since the start of the 2017 outdoor season, and now we are already half way through the season. Like most outdoor sports bowling is very much dependent on the weather, arguably more so than many other sports.  Line and length are keys to bowling if you are to get your bowls anywhere near the target (the Block or Jack).

Imagine how difficult it must be to bowl consistently on line and length when you experience all the elements during the space of one match. This is exactly what the bowlers in the first match of the season encountered. Since then we have had the kind of weather you would expect in a British spring – damp, cold weather one day, bright hot conditions the next (or even on the same day). Appearances in all these conditions just go to show how much a bowler loves the sport.

Outdoor Bowling

We are at about “mid-term” in our league matches, but I have to report that all teams are well established in the top half of their respective leagues. Special mention, however, must be made of several teams for their standings at this stage of the season.  The Knutsford Ladies' team and Norley League A and B teams are all well established in the top three of their leagues.  The progress of all teams and players can be found by clicking on the appropriate link on the “teams” page in the club’s website

Club Competitions.

Only one club competition, the Men's Pairs, has been completed so far. The Ladies' Pairs, unfortunately, had to be postponed due to a water-logged green. Hopefully we can re-schedule this for later in the season when we will have better conditions for bowling??? Three competitions are still in progress and there are two more at later dates. The men’s’ pairs competition, held in mid May saw some excellent bowling with games contested in a competitive but sportsmanlike fashion.

Congratulations to these members and thank you to all who supported the events in so many ways. The competitions which are ongoing are the singles mixed handicap and the men’s’ and ladies’ singles which are completed on finals day towards the end of August. A day not to be missed!




Chairman, Jean Mason with

Men's Pairs winners 2017

David Maynard and Rac Rigby

High Legh Big Weekend.

The Bowling club was pleased to take part in this highly successful event so magnificently organised by the Community Association. We welcomed a steady stream of guests aged from 5 to 80+ who were keen to have a go at Crown Green bowling for the first time. There was a great deal of enthusiasm displayed by all and a good proportion who showed a natural talent for this game. We hope that a number of these trialists will feel confident enough to visit us again in the near future and become members of this friendliest of clubs. We can offer free coaching and social bowling to anyone and club membership is available at 50% discount for beginners

Non-members are welcome to contact our Chairman, Jean Mason, on 01925 753643 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange some coaching and social bowling or, for the more experienced amongst you, to start league bowling.