Summer Cover


This is the Summer edition of 2020. To download a copy please click here.

Thank you to all the contributors - life has been quite active here during lockdown.  It is great to find out about what people have been and are doing. We also have information in this issue about plans and expectations of various groups as we work out how we can deal with the new realities and discover how to do what we can do.

Best wishes to all our advertisers - recent events have made us ever more aware of the importance of local services.  And finally thank you to Newsletter distributors who make it possible for residents to have a free copy delivered to their homes.  As someone said to me this morning, electronic copies are fine, but it is nice to have a printed copy that you can sit and read . 

We hope that the Autumn edition will go out in October - when, perhaps we can restore the diary in the centre pages - because maybe by then we will have activities to go out to and enjoy.  Advertisers if you would like to be in the autumn edition, charges are listed here as are details of how you can get in touch.

Jenny Pearce Editor 01925 756171