Click here to see the name of your volunteer High Legh Street Champion. We expect that in the next few days (by Sunday 29th March) you will have a letter in your postbox with their contact details on. If you don’t, or you have any questions 

  1. Email Cllr Gail Coenen and Cllr John Tuck at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   2. Phone …07808207342 or …07510749847 to speak to members of the team who have been working hard to set this all up.

We are aware there are additional local support groups set up within the village, and nationally. This is to supplement those groups, not replace them. Call the above numbers if you have any concerns. 

We will shortly be in contact with people who have kindly volunteered but are not on the published street champions list - our community will need you all but we wanted to start with a simple set up of one name per road